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Trust Formation Disclaimer

Disclaimer – Terms and Conditions

All steps have been taken to ensure the correctness of data and information as it appears on our website and we will therefore not be held liable for any mistake, misinterpretation or any omissions on our part whatsoever. We try to update all the information on a regular basis as soon as possible. We will not be held liable for any unforeseen circumstances that might arise due to any situation which we have no control over like any decisions made by the government which could affect and or cause delays such as strike action or system down-time.

Please note that once the documentation are lodged with the Master of the North Gauteng High Court’s Offices, we don’t have control over it, thus can’t be held responsible for any delays caused on their part. All information supplied to us cannot be verified due to our workload. We use the client’s spelling and any wrong, incorrectly spelled, false or misleading information supplied to us will not be our responsibility and we will therefore not be held liable for any such information supplied to us as this is an open source data capturing system.

It’s the client’s responsibility to make sure that all information will be supplied to us electronically for correctness. If information is not supplied electronically, we will not be responsible if anything is spelled incorrectly due to unreadable or different appearance in handwriting. All information supplied by the client is stored on a secure server and will be kept confidential and private and will not be shared to any other 3rd party. If we find any information supplied to be misleading, false and wrong or the intention is there of doing illegal dealings, we reserve the right to cancel any such applications.

Please note that we have a no refund policy once we have started with any work requested. Any money paid into our account for any services no longer available, will be kept on credit, to be used for any other services we offer, or offer at a later stage. Any payments made without the correct reference number will only be treated as paid on the date, proof of such payment with correct reference number was provided.

No Refunds will be given when a quote has been accepted and paid for in full, unless we were duly notified of cancelations or delays within a 14 day period.

Any moneys paid towards any service will be waived if in breach of contract. Any services not followed through with us, but completed themselves or by other means after the client requested and paid for will be seen as in breach of contract.

Please take note that all instructions and correspondence need to be sent to us in an email so we are aware of it and can act on it in the as soon as possible.

Due to the high volumes of data processed, other documents posted that is not required might be overlooked. Please note: Any application for the Amendment of a business that requires documents from the clients, WILL expire if these documents are outstanding for more than 14 business days, unless Trust Specialist has been informed of any delays or cancelations within a 14 day period, from date of application.

As soon as our work has been finalized and you are in possession of you Trust Documents and Letter of Authority as Issue by the Master of the High Court, this includes all registrations, all responsibilities for the running of such a registered business or Trust shall pass to the members/directors/Trustees. We therefore trust that the members/directors/trustees of the business or Trust have sufficient knowledge of the Act and how to manage a business efficiently